As Leader:

Epicenter (Clean Feed) 2015
Deluxe (Clean Feed) 2010
Bigmouth (Fresh Sound) 2003
Lay-Up (Fresh Sound) 2000

As Bassist:

Shakers-n-Bakers: Heart Love (little i) 2018
Craig Taborn: Daylight Ghosts (ECM) 2017
Regina Carter: Ella: Accentuate the Positive (Sony) 2017
Matt Wilson: Beginning of a Memory (Palmetto) 2016
Skye Steele: Up From the Bitteroot 2015
Lena Hovanesian: Irwin Orange 2015
Lisa Parrot: Round Tripper (Serious Niceness) 2015
Regina Carter: Southern Comfort (Sony) 2014
Matt Wilson Quartet with John Medeski: Gathering Call (Palmetto) 2014
Joe Morris Quartet: Balance (Clean Feed) 2014
Plymouth: (Rare Noise) 2014
Alon Nechushtan: Venture Bound (Enja) 2014
Tom Chang: Tongue & Groove (Raw Toast) 2014
Miguel Fernandez: Afrikan Blues (SaxOn) 2014
Joshua Bell: Musical Gifts From Joshua Bell and Friends (Sony) 2013
Mary LaRose: Reincarnation (little i) 2013
Anthony Braxton: Quintet (Tristano) (Braxton House) 2012
Michael Veal: Anyscape (Nektonic) 2012
Andre Vida: Brud, vols 1-3 (Pan) 2012
Megumi Hamada: Attitude (Horipro) 2012
Bonnie and Clyde (Broadway Records) 2012
Rob Brown: Unexplained Phenomena (Merge) 2011
Various Artists: Disney Jazz, Vol. 1: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat (Sony) 2011
Takuya: Mysteries of the Cosmos (BNS REcords) 2011
Regina Carter: Reverse Thread (E1) 2010
Jeremy Siskind: Simple Songs For When the World Seems Strange (BJU Records) 2010
The Swell Season: Strict Joy (-Anti) 2009
Matt Wilson: That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Palmetto), 2009
Chad Taylor: Circle Down (242 Music), 2009
James Carney: Ways and Means (Songlines) 2009
Gabriel Puentes: Simple (Fresh Sound) 2009
Rob Garcia: Perennial (BJU Records) 2009
Gerald Cleaver: Violet Hour (Fresh Sound) 2008
Shakers n’ Bakers: YFZ (little i) 2008
Jeff Alkire: One Summer in Winters (Origin) 2007
James Carney: Green-wood (Songlines, 2007
Dave Rogers: Kairos (Jumbie) 2007
Ruper Ordorkia: Memorianen Mapan (Elkar) (2007)
Claudette Sierra: About Time (Clo Music) (2006)
Shakers n’ Bakers: Shakers n’ Bakers (little i) 2005
Michael Attias: Credo (Clean Feed) 2005
Whit Dickey: In a Heartbeat (Clean Feed) 2005
Joe Smith: Melodic Workshop (Fresh Sound, 2004
Creative Trans-Informational Alliance ‎– Atrospect Sound 1 (CTIA) 2004
Regina Carter: Paganinni: After A Dream (Verve) 2003
Yola: Another Girl (Top Shelf) 2003
Mary LaRose: Blue Guitar (little i) 2003
Craig Taborn: Light Made Lighter (Thirsty Ear) 2001
Whit Dickey: Big Top (Wobbly Rail) 2001
Joe Morris:At the Old Office (Knitting Factory Works) 2000
Ben Waltzer: In Metropolitan Motion (Fresh Sound) 2000
Joe Morris: Underthru (Omnitone) 1999
Rob Brown: Jumping Off the Page (No More) 1998
Whit Dickey: Transonic (Aum Fidelity) 1998
Joe Morris: A Cloud of Blackbirds (Aum Fidelity) 1998
Anthony Coleman: With Every Breath (Knitting Factory) 1999
David Sayers: Misfit (Dreambox) 2000
Yoav Polachek: Standards First (WAMA) 1999
PLK Trio: Bab Bab (Goat Angel Records) 1998
Derek Bronston: Longing (Hecate) 1998
Norman Yamada: Being and Time (Tzadik) 1998
Butch Morris: Vision One (Various Artists) (AUM Fidelity) 1997
Rob Brown: Scratching the Surface (CIMP) 1997
Art Fuller:Conversation, Structure & Rhythm (Fuller Music) 1997
Art Fuller: Brown Documentary (Fuller Music) 1997
Art Fuller: one african American (Fuller Music) 1997
Art Fuller: Individual Moods (Fuller Music) 1997
Art Fuller: Ancestry (Fuller Music) 1997
Gabriel Coburger: Color Suite (Lofish Music) (1997)

As Composer/Arranger:

Mary Halvorson: Meltframe (Firehouse 12) 2014
Regina Carter: Southern Comfort (Sony) 2014
Regina Carter: Reverse Thread (E1) 2010
Matt Wilson: That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Palmetto), 2009
Chad Taylor: Circle Down (242 Music), 2009
PLK Trio: Bab Bab (Goat Angel Records) 1998
Rob Brown: Scratching the Surface (CIMP) 1997